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Chopin's Nocturnes

Frederic Chopin

The 24 Preludes op. 28

"...As far as the 24 Preludes op. 28 are concerned, they form a unique example in the literature for piano. They are a 'prelude' to nothing, appearing in brief images like flashes of lightning, and sometimes of only a single page.

Chopin worked on them in Majorca, during the rainy journey he made with George Sand. He stayed in the Chartreuse de Valdemosa and found himself divided between admiring the beautiful setting and the suffering caused by growing consumption. Had he only composed the 'preludes', he would have confirmed the strange and unique magic which dwelt within him, and his own special grip, infinitely poetical, on the romantic, musical world." - Marie-Paule Cantarella

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Frederic Chopin
Born near Warsaw, Poland, March 1, 1810, he died in Paris, France, October 17, 1849.

For me, music says the unsayable, and Chopin has done it with his music the most eloquently of any composer I've yet discovered. He lived a fairly short, but interesting and productive life. His music continues to speak to and for me, thanks to the marvels of our electronic age.

If you have 6 minutes and 31 seconds or so to spend in my store, click here to hear one of Chopin's Polanaises, which has come to be known as the "Heroic". You might also be familiar with an oldie but goodie plucked from the score of this piece of music - 'Til the End of Time - sung by Perry Como.

In 1841 the editor of La France Musicale wrote:
"Chopin is a composer from conviction. He composes for himself and he plays for himself... Chopin is a pianist apart, who should not be and cannot be compared with anyone." His playing and his compositions had taken Paris by storm and he himself had become the arch-Romantic: an aloof, consumptive genius whose triumphs and failures filled the newspapers daily but who remained distant from his surroundings.

Freyderyk (or Frederic) Chopin (1810-1849) left his native Poland at age 20 never to return, but his nationalistic music for the piano has become synonymous with the spirit of Poland. Much misunderstood by his contemporaries, his true personality has been obscured until recently. He was a true product of his time: a dandy and a social climber who consorted with royalty. He was also a hard-working composer who, in spite of poor health, made a tremendous contribution to harmonic development.

Since he spent nearly all of his working life in the brilliant Paris of Louis Philippe, he had contact with all of the great pianists and composers of the day including Berlioz, Liszt, Moscheles, Mendelssohn and Schumann. Fortunately he remained almost totally uninfluenced by any of them."

The Pianist

In 1964, at his age 19, Evgeny Moguilevsky won the Queen Elisabeth Competition as one of the Soviet delegation's candidates, in Brussels. Critic Jacques Stehman wrote, "Here is the mystery of what one must truly call genius, because this astonishing musical intuition has no other name, when it allows an adolescent to understand the countless depths of psychic life, without having lived through them". In 1974, the "Libre Belgique" drew attention to his exceptional mastery. "Musical America" said of him that he has mastered his technique to perfection in the service of an interpretation rich in sentiment and emotion, poetically Slav. In September 1991, Moguilevsky made his debut in North America, Montreal and San Francisco, where the public's reception was each time enthusiastic and the critics were particularly eulogistic.
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#4 - Frederic Chopin This site has renditions of the Etudes, Nocturnes, Waltzes, Preludes and Ballades played on electronic keyboards. If you enjoy these versions, you will surely enjoy the music of Chopin on CD played on a REAL piano! So come on back to browse the offerings in my CDNow store.
#5 - Shrine to Chopin You'll be greeted at this site with The Revolutionary Etute, Opus 10, No. 12, a midi version. Great pictures of Chopin in his youth through his death - yes, a picture of his death mask!
#6 - Chopin Composes on ... Yes... according to Rosemary Brown, he, along with other composers of his time, do give music to her through the thin veil that falls between so-called life and so-called death. On this site, you can listen to a recording made during a seance with Chopin.
#7 - Rosemary Brown Her gift of music from Chopin and others.

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