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Chapter Nine
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Diary Entries


Heard overseas correspondent in Paris say this is Santa Clause day in France, and while all children there would like to believe in Santa Clause, he doubted if they could, since so many would get no presents. So I gather from that, that the original sanctity and spirit of the day Christ was born has been completely submerged into commercialism. Worthless trinkets and toys have taken the place of the love and admiration of the wise men who celebrated that first Birthday. Many children look on the day of the nativity as only a gift day, and if they get nothing, they will not believe in it. How is it with us in the U.S.A.? Is this the way our children think? If so, we are as wrong as they are. Although we have no presents, food or shoes, we can never be separated from the greatest of all gifts to humanity --the right to chose and achieve our final destiny. All other gifts and possessions can be destroyed by a multitude of agencies, over which we have little or no control, such as fire, flood, famine, lightening, earthquakes, and etc.

JANUARY 1, 1949

Home and together, another of our 52 years passed without any serious mishap. To think back and take stock:

1. We have had no deaths in our family.

2. We have 6 children with families, and no deaths.

3. We have 15 grandchildren, all living, and 9 great grandchildren, all living.

4. And the most comforting of all, we still have each other, and are in good health and think more of each other each passing year.

I sometimes wonder how we have been so fortunate, and then I realize that we both worked to that end. We never took a honeymoon for a week, but for a lifetime, and I think my prayers have been answered.

Each night on retiring, I find her hand and take it in mine and say some prayer. And I think it is then that she always does the same. We never pray to be heard, only to our Father.

The Our Father and Hail Mary are wholesome thoughts that banish anger, spite and revenge. Try it each day or many times during the day or night. It has worked for me for 38 years.

W.C. Weaver, Age 74

Walter Croffard Weaver died September 14, 1949, in Rogue River Oregon

Allie Berry Vineyard Weaver died December 4, 1955, in Brookings, Oregon

Both are buried in Rogue River Cemetery, Rogue River, Oregon

Photo courtesy of Arletha Woodall

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