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For 17 years, the little dog in the photo within the photo, Puppy, traveled and lived with me from sea to shining sea. I've scanned her photo to a bit map file, and use it as a Windows Wallpaper. This has helped tremendously to make it through the grief period following Puppy's passing 28 December 1993.

For 9 months, Tom-Tom, the cat paying his respects to Puppy's memory, shared my home in return for helping me through my grief. Now it's Packy and me. Packy, my puter-panion, is hidden in the hutch below Tom-Tom. Packy and I are camera shy.

I enjoy learning foreign languages, collecting family history, studying history in general, learning to use my computer, Prodigy and the Internet, e-mailing and chatting with people around the world in Spanish, German and English languages.

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