Activism Pod
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  1. Introduction
  2. Pro-Smoker Information
    1. My Story
    2. Sara Mahler, Whose Kids Are They Anyway?
    3. Rosalind Marimont on SAMMEC
    4. Nickie McWhirter on SAMMEC
    5. U.S. Death and Cigarette Sales
    6. U.S. Smoke Related Deaths
    7. Durham County NC Deaths
    8. Progress Report
    9. Links to Other Pro-Smoker sites
  3. Summary of position
  4. Pro-Smoker Activities
    1. Elected Officials
      1. The Man Who Represents All Us Americans
      2. N.C. Elected to DC Officials
      3. Durham County, NC Representative
      4. N.C. Elected to Raleigh Officials
      5. Durham County NC School Board Members
      6. Durham County NC Department of Public Health
      7. Summary of position
    2. The U.S. Constitution
      1. Amendments relative to Pro-Smokers
      2. Tobacco Resolution
      3. Congressional Activities
    3. The N.C. Constitution
    4. Recent Tobacco Litigation
    5. Letters to the Editor
    6. Purple Panther Page
    Words & Music by Lyndelle /Index
    Words & Music by Lyndelle
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    last modified: 05:38 08/11/98