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A Valentine's Day Wish

Roses are red. Well, that's not always true.
We have pink ones, yellow ones, orange ones, too.
Gardeners tend them. Lovers send them.
Florists deliver them for you.

Now I'm not a gardener, a lover or florist.
I live along side of the well known Duke Forest.
Roses don't bloom there. So I'll do the next best.
I'll send you a picture, your imagination to test.
I plucked these roses from out cyberspace.
As fresh and as fragrant as memory of stored lace,
There's one for your lover's, and one for your place.
I hope these roses bring a quick smile to your face.

To further insure this will be the case,
I've added this page to my Cyberspace Home Place.
From here you can view both picture and poem.
And I've never left the comforts of home.

Soaring Dove

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