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Wide Open Doors

'Tis the night before Christmas! I feel like a louse!
No cards have been sent from 'puter or house.
No messages carrying best wishes to all,
Not even to Mama nor siblings. No calls.

No stocking is hung from the chimney with care.
No hope of Santa coming by here.
No children nestled all snug in their beds.
No children, no Santa, no reindeer, no sled.

No brightly dressed fir tree, no snow on the ground.
No evidence at all they're even around.
The night? Yes, it's silent, and yes, it is calm.
Above no star twinkles. The moon too is gone.

But deep in my heart, the Christ Child awakes.
Parents and Child for us Christmas make.
A family we are, this Child and me,
You, yours and theirs - the whole family tree.

So comes now a wish from my puter to yours,
That our hearts stay united, like wide open doors,
To nurture this Child, to treasure each other,
To love one another like Father and Mother.

Christmas Eve 1997
Durham North Carolina USA
North American Continent
Planet Earth
Milky Way Galaxy

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At Home With Lyndelle: /Table of Contents
At Home with Lyndelle
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