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Chapter Four
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My Second Solo

We stopped at Rawlins for our next groceries and feed. I bought some apricots and took them out to the wagon for Walter to eat, while I got the other things. On returning, I noticed some cots in front of the horses on the road, and as I came up, I saw him take a bite out of another and over the horses' heads it went. He just didnīt like cots. Had only bit into them to sample.

Rawlins, Wyoming - North or South?

Here I had my choice of two ways, one south to Ogden and Salt Lake, Utah, or north to Montpelier, Idaho. I chose the north. Didnīt know what route the others would take when they got to Rawlins, but had a hunch they would go south. If so, there was no need to over-drive anymore. I took it a little slower for a few days.

Wagon Wheel Gap
Had been traveling on mostly level road with sometimes a slight descent all day, when I noticed a ridge of rock wall. Coming closer, I could see the road went through it, and the side walls were much higher than a covered wagon. There was no room for a man to pass between the walls and a wagon when the wagon entered. The descent was steep, and stair steps were cut in the solid rock all the way from top to bottom, with the last four steps at the bottom two foot drops each. There was no way around.

I knew others had gone through, so I locked my wheels by tying them to the brake with rope, and down we went. The drops and jarring were both shocking. I hopped out and looked over the wagon to see what was busted. Nothing was broke, and the horses were staid on their feet.

Families Catch Up Again

Soon after this ordeal, we came to the river and made camp. Although it was early, this was a good place --feed, water and wood. What a surprise I got just before dark. Wagons coming. Could it be them catching up? I fastened my eyes on the road, and recognized the first muleīs head I saw.

It was the outfit I had left, only Williams was missing. He had gotten a job somewhere back on a ranch. Was I delighted?

Then I learned next that Mr. Vineyard and Mrs. Young had been married.

So we had a very pleasant reunion, and the women folks just smothered "Little Walter".

No one asked me why I drove away from the company, and Williams was never mentioned again by anyone to me.

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