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OUR TRIP OVER THE OREGON TRAIL / Site contents / Personal Interests

  1. Elizabeth MCDANIELS
  2. Wright BULLARD
    b 1798
    South Carolina
    Sebastian County, Arkansas
    1. Nathan BULLARD
      b 1822
    2. John BULLARD
      b 1825
    3. William Wright (Buck) BULLARD
      b 06 Nov 1826
      d 16 Nov 1889
      Kully Chaha, Kennady, Indian Territory
      • m Margaret (Peggy) WHITE
        b 1828
        Wayne County,Illinois
        d 1877
        Sebastian County, Arkansas
        1. Andrew Jackson BULLARD
          14 Mar 1845
          Wayne County, IL
        2. Aaron J BULLARD
          b 1848
          Wayne County, IL
        3. Richard Wright BULLARD
          b 1849
          Wayne County, IL
        4. Armindy Orisunda BULLARD
          b 12 Jul 1851
          Wayne County, IL
          d 1877
          m Andrew Jackson WEAVER
          b 1843
          d 1877
          1. Walter Croffard WEAVER
            b 1875
            Montreal, Arkansas
            • m Allie Berry VINEYARD
              b 1880
              Sugarloaf, Indian Territory
        5. Alfred BULLARD
          b 1854
          Wayne County, IL
          d 09 Oct 1931
          • m Mariah RAMSEY
            b 18 May 1857
            d 1896
          1. Armenta BULLARD
          2. Rosie BULLARD
          3. George Ira BULLARD
          4. Lizzie BULLARD
          5. Andrew BULLARD
          6. Charlie BULLARD
        6. McDaniel (Mac) BULLARD
          b Apr 1855
        7. George Buchanan BULLARD
          b 12 Sep 1857
          Wayne County, IL
          • m Allie Tecoa CANNON
        8. Nathaniel (Nate) BULLARD
          b 02 Feb 1860
          Longview, Upshur, TX
          Coos Bay, Oregon
          • m Eolian Curtis VINEYARD

These data have been provided courtesy of
Velma Bullard Jennings,
granddaughter of Richard Wright Bullard.

Searching Cousins have accepted that Mac and Nate were children of Buck and Peggy. However, a question has been raised by the recent discovery of the funeral record of Nate Bullard, in which his mother is listed as Margaret Wiggington. Also, no record of the family has yet been found in Longview County, Texas census records. Walter Weaver referred to him as "Uncle Nate", and Nate is listed as a child of Buck and Peggy in census records. Arletha Bullard Ray, daughter of Nate and Eolian Bullard, accepted that Buck and Peggy were her grandparents.

Armindy Bullard's son, Walter Weaver, married Eolian Vineyard's youngest sister, Allie Berry Vineyard.

George Bullard married Eolian's and Allie's maternal aunt, Allie Tecoy Cannon.

From this tangled web of doubly related cousins, descendants of Buck and Peggy Bullard, the identities of the people traveling from the I.T. to Oregon with Walter Weaver and Berry Vineyard, and of those who followed, in the late 1890s have been discovered.

Walter Weaver's memories of his trip, written at the request of his daughter-in-law, Helen Looney Weaver, has been our road map. The version presented here is taken from Ada Cote's typewritten copy of the original handwritten document, still in the possession of Helen Weaver. There are other versions in circulation.

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