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1In a letter from Edith Van Curler Weaver, wife of Walter Weaver, son of Walter Croffard Weaver and Ada Owens Weaver, to second daughter of Walter Croffard Weaver and Allie Berry Vineyard Weaver, Eunice Weaver Espey, dated 4 April 1977:

"Grandpa Weaver's first wife name was Ada Owens. She was dutch borned in Pensylvania, had beautiful brown hair with a redish tint, Grampa Weaver gave Walter one of the curls, she was a music teacher, she and her folks came to Arkansas where she and Grandpa Weaver was married. He was 19. She was 17 yrs old, they moved to Oklahoma where Walter was borned."

The "Grandpa Weaver" referred to here is her father-in-law, Walter Croffard Weaver.

2William Wright (Buck) Bullard, 1826-16 Nov 1887. b Tennessee, married c 1843 in Illinois, Margaret (Peggy) White, b Illinois 1828-28 Aug 1877. Both buried Hall Cemetary, Cameron, Oklahoma. Buck took Walter Croffard Weaver to raise when daughter, Armindy and son-in-law, Andrew Jackson Weaver died the same year as Peggy.

31900 Josephine County, Oregon Census of B.R. Vineyard shows birth place as Tennessee for Molly and Syntha. 1901 Bible record by J.F. Vineyard does not give birth place of either child. 1910 Coos County, Oregon Census of Nick Stambone shows birth place of both as Oklahoma. 1918 Record of Funeral for Mary A. (Molly Almeda) Stambone shows birthplace unknown. A Tennessee birthplace for both would account for three years between sightings of Allie Berry by Walter Croffard in Kenady, Choctaw Nation, at his ages 12 and 15.

4It seems the author didn't consider little Walter a person during the journey. He and his wife, the former Edith Van Curler, were alive at the time of this writing.

5Present day Fort Sill is in Lawton, OK, many miles southwest of Oklahoma City. This could be a mistranscription by Ada Weaver Cote, of Walter Croffard Weaver's handwritten memoirs, or a misrememberance. This Fort referred to might be Fort Reno, located on the 3rd Standard Parallel, 21 W Longitude from Washington on an 1898 map of the Indian Territory.

Astronomical data from Cybersky, Stephen Michael Schimpf, Astronomy Department, UCLA

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